Student Corner 2019-20

Master Bharadwaj Thamogna of grade -VI achieved 1st prize in under 11 category of Chess Competition conducted by Chittoor District Chess Association on 18.08.2019. Congratulations to the budding champ!

Edify School Tirupati

Model United Nations is much more than conference, its ultimate opportunity to improve the skills and experience something that you’ve never experienced before.
Edifiers attended three day IIMUN conference at Geekey World School Vellore held from 9th August 2019 to 11th August 2019. Around 8 schools participated in this conference. 11 August 2019 was a moment of pride for us as our students performed well and won over all championship of Vellore chapter.
J. Hrishy Samay of Grade-IX,
P.Srujan of Grade-IX,
S.R Sreenetha of Grade-IX,
G. Sreeja of Grade-IX,
Dev Nandan of Grade-X,
A.R.I.Maneesh of Grade-IX,
G.L Monish of Grade-IX,
K .Sanjana of Grade-X.
Won medals and Jaitej Reddy of grade-VIII and Jagadeesh Kumar Reddy of grade-X got special appreciation verbal mention in their performance in the committees.

Our students participated in chess tournament conducted by Lions club- Nagari. They secured 1st place both in junior and senior category.
Congratulations to the winners.
Bharadwaj Tamogna of Grade-VI:1st place under junior category
Mithun of Grade-VIII : 1st place under senior category.

Edifiers play chess with passion. They love to play no matter they lose or win. Bhardwaj Tamogna of Grade-VI participated in State Open Chess Tournament 2019 held at Dharmavaram on 13th & 14th of July 2019. He secured 6.5 points out of 8 rounds and placed 8th in open category. He was awarded with cash prize of Rs.1500 along with a certificate. We congratulate him.

Edify School Tirupati

“Mind & technique become one in true karate ” Our student M.Lekya of Grade -X promoted by Golden Dragon Karate Do academy achieved black belt and excelled in special skills of martial arts

Edify School Tirupati

Athletics is a collection of sporting events that involve competitive running, jumping and throwing. Edifiers participated in annual athlete meet conducted by Bharthiya Vidhya Bhavan in the month of August 2019 .Total of 17 schools participated in the athlete meet with 400 participants. Edifiers bagged 8 gold medals, 5 silver medals and 6 bronze medals.
Under 14 category:
Baby Shalini of Grade-VI: 2 Gold medals and 1 silver medal
Nusharath of Grade- VIII: 2 Gold medals
Poojasri of Grade- VIII: 1 Gold medal and 1 silver medal and 1 bronze medal
Sravani reddy of Grade- VIII: 1 Gold medal
Rakesh royal of Grade- VIII: 1 Bronze medal
Under 17 category
Nishanth of Grade- X: 1 Gold medal and 1 bronze medal.
Gayathri of Grade- VI: 1 Silver medal
Jahnavi of Grade- X: 1 Silver medal
Nitheesh Roy of Grade- X: 1 Bronze medal
Govind of Grade- – IX: 1 Bronze medal
Deekshit of Grade- X: 1 Bronze medal
Nandan sai of Grade- – IX: 1 Bronze medal

Edify School Tirupati

One more crown on the heads of Edifiers. Inter school cultural competitions was conducted at Sri Radha Shyam Sundar Mandir,K.T Road Tirppati on 6th September 2019.Following details of the winners
K.Mrudula of grade-IV 2nd Place in classical dance competition
K.Dimple of Grade-I 3rd place in Classical dance competition
J.Pavan Sriram Teja of Grade-VI 3rd place in vocal singing competition. Congratulations to all the winners.

We proudly announce the triumphant achievement of Edifiers in the state level competition and made their unbeaten entry to Nationals in Run-Swim-Run event conducted by Modern Pentathlon Competition held at Anakapalle.
Congratulations and All the very best to Wannabes.
1. Bhargav of grade V
2. Bhanu of grade VI
3. Tanuja of grade IX