The modern classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, and extensive library reflect the school's commitment to offering a top-notch educational experience. The sports facilities and green spaces add an extra dimension to the overall development of the students. [School Name] has not just built walls; it has crafted an inspiring space where education is an immersive and enriching journey.

Mr. P Krishnaiah, IAS

As a parent, witnessing the remarkable academic improvement in my child since joining EDIFY SCHOOL] has been truly gratifying. The school's commitment to academic excellence is evident in the innovative teaching methods, personalized attention, and a curriculum designed to foster both understanding and a love for learning. I am impressed with the measurable progress my child has made, and I attribute this success to the school's unwavering focus on continuous improvement.

Mr. Hari Kiran IAS Muncipal Commisioner, Tirupati (2017)

I am continually impressed by the level of student interaction and camaraderie at EDIFY SCHOOL. The inclusive environment and encouragement for collaborative learning have significantly impacted the children overall experience. [School Name] stands out in fostering a sense of community where students from diverse backgrounds come together, share ideas, and support each other. This positive interaction not only enhances the learning environment but also contributes to the overall growth and development of every student.

Mr. J D Lakshmi Naraya, IPS

As a parent, I am truly grateful for EDIFY Management proactive approach in addressing the challenges posed by social media. The school has taken commendable initiatives to educate students on responsible social media usage, online safety, and digital citizenship. This forward-thinking approach demonstrates EDIFY School Management commitment not only to academic excellence but also to the holistic well-being of students. Knowing that the school is actively involved in fostering a positive digital environment has given me confidence that my child is in a nurturing and supportive educational institution

Mr. D K Balaji IAS Joint Collector, Tirupati (2023)

“Edify School Tirupati is one of the most progressive school with dynamic leadership. The school’s infrastructure, ambience and culture is very conducive for children to become holistic individuals.

Mr. Ram Mohan Naidu M.P-Srikakulam

A school which focuses, gives emphasis and treats that sports, dance, drama, singing, art and craft are equally important along with academics is a true futuristic school.

Mr. Nara Rohith Actor & Producer-Tollywood

I had a pleasant experience with students of Edify School. They were fantastic with their dances and it was a memorable moment for me.

Mr.Srinivas Avasarala Actor & Director – Tollywood

I would like to show my appreciation to the teachers who have taught my son and has guided him to achieving amazing results in his academics, they have been a source of confidence and inspiration for my child to work hard and achieve the level where he is today! Wishing the team Edify all the best in their future endeavors

Mr. Anil Kumar Singhal, IAS TTD EO (2017)

The school environment at EDIFY is nothing short of exceptional. From the caring and dedicated teachers to the vibrant and inclusive atmosphere, every day brings a sense of joy and excitement for the students. The emphasis on holistic development, coupled with state-of-the-art facilities, has truly created a nurturing space where learning is not just encouraged but celebrated.

Mr. Naga Shourya Tollywood Actor

The leadership at EDIFY demonstrates an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in education. Their forward-thinking vision is evident in the strategic initiatives taken to create an environment that not only imparts knowledge but also fosters critical thinking and holistic development. I appreciate the dedication of the school management in shaping a future-focused educational institution.

Sri Sirivennela Seetha Rama Sathry Indian Lyrisist, Padma Shree Awardee

An institution that not only imparts education but is also deeply committed to environmental responsibility. The school's proactive initiative in banning single-use plastics showcases its dedication to creating a sustainable future. Witnessing my child being part of this movement has been inspiring. [School Name] goes beyond textbooks, instilling values of environmental consciousness and responsibility in its students. I appreciate the school's efforts in not only educating but actively engaging students in making a positive impact on the environment.

Mr. Adivi Sesh Tollywood Actor & Writer

"I am thoroughly impressed by the level of discipline instilled at EDIFY SCHOOL. As a parent, seeing my child thrive in an environment that values order, respect, and responsibility is truly gratifying. The school's commitment to maintaining a structured and disciplined atmosphere contributes significantly to the overall learning experience. It's evident that EDIFY not only focuses on academic excellence but also places a strong emphasis on character development.

Mr. Parameshwar Reddy IPS Superintendent of Police, Tirupati (2023)
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