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Won Overall Championship of IIMUN 2019

Model United Nations is much more than conference, its ultimate opportunity to improve the skills and experience something that you’ve never experienced before.
Edifiers attended three day IIMUN conference at Geekey World School Vellore held from 9th August 2019 to 11th August 2019. Around 8 schools participated in this conference. 11 August 2019 was a moment of pride for us as our students performed well and won over all championship of Vellore chapter.
J. Hrishy Samay of Grade-IX,
P.Srujan of Grade-IX,
S.R Sreenetha of Grade-IX,
G. Sreeja of Grade-IX,
Dev Nandan of Grade-X,
A.R.I.Maneesh of Grade-IX,
G.L Monish of Grade-IX,
K .Sanjana of Grade-X.
Won medals and Jaitej Reddy of grade-VIII and Jagadeesh Kumar Reddy of grade-X got special appreciation verbal mention in their performance in the committees.

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