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Inquiry is the driving factor and leading pedagogical approach that makes Edify classrooms so distinctive and unique. The inquiry-based approach encourages students to take responsibility and ownership of their learning. It intends to incorporate curiosity and conversation as part of learning. Instead of simply giving away information, the teachers are expected to intrigue the children by asking: why, what and how? The urge to discover, learn, explore and create an impact can only arise from the power inquiry.

Inquiry facilitates conceptual exploration that is customized to the needs of each student as opposed to a traditional instructional model that only delivers information. As a learning community, Edify does not view knowledge as static but rather as a constantly evolving, collaborative process that necessitates original thinking and research.

Embracing the value of student-centered learning, Edify is an umbrella term that encompasses a variety of approaches to teaching and content, from traditional lectures and discussion formats to a range of more experiential approaches and teaching strategies like QAXP, RAFT, Reciprocal teaching, JIGSAW, Think Pair & Share, Four Corners etc.

Faculty development programs and professional development workshops give our facilitators the extra edge they need, to adopt the best teaching practices and stay connected with changing approaches to pedagogy.

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